For the past five years I have been heavily involved with the design and construction of installations at the prestigious festival Temps de Flors in Girona, Catalonia (Spain). Every year my partner, the artist Mariona Otero, and I come up with a new concept and design which we then build and install, often with a strong public participation element. Each year our designs have grown bigger and more ambitious. 


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Stand with the Bees:

The project was inspired by the increasing levels of mortality among bees. We aimed to raise awareness among all the festival attendants (250,000 people aprox) and participants about the Colony Collapse Disorder. 

The installation consisted of a giant beehive, flowers and customised bees. The display was up for 10 days.


Flower Salad:

This installation has been inspired by one of Mariona Otero's Culinary Compositions print: 'Amanida de Flors'

We created a 3D interpretation of the artist print, full of symbolisms to feature flavours and textures found in the Flowers Salad.


Have a Nose Around:

The project was developed from this expression 'Have a nose around', as during Girona’s Flower Festival people go out to explore the floral creations. At the same time, we emphasized the feature of the nose, as it’s through this part of our body that we capture the smells.

We sent out a request for ‘noses’ via social media. The received noses were then drawn onto 6 panels, creating a hexagonal unit. With this unit and a big

‘flying nose’ on its top, we made reference to the bell-tower of the Cathedral with its angel, as from this height that it’s possible to smell Girona in its

plenitude during the festival.


Scented Optical Illusion:

In this installation we are recreating many versions of an old visual trick. Participants sent us photos of their face profiles, and from each two profiles we received we created a two dimensional vase, each one unique.

Can you see a vase with flowers in or two people looking at each other? 


Make a wish:

The installation represents the moment when all the dandelion seeds fly away, as they do when we blow the flower seeds and make a wish.

We used social media and networking to spread the word and ask for people’s wishes, these were individually printed and attached to wire.
The installation represents the wishes floating away on the wind. We used recycled materials to make the 3 dandelions.